Hopefully, we’ve all seen Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and are looking forward to the new movie. This bit of deign inspiration was taken from a character found in that movie. The creators Sphero, made a smaller sized version of the BB-8 droid and it is just adorable. This fun and cute droid is capable of remarkable feats and displays an innovative take on robotics. This little droid comes equipped with Bluetooth capability, 60 minute battery life, app compatibility, gyroscopic propulsion, inductive charging and a 30 meter range. With all the star wars fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of the new movie, I believe that this droid has been released at the perfect time to maximize on the users wants.

This droid is a god example of a good user design not only because it looks great and is a wonderful gift for a wide range of users but it also provides the users with what they want. In the trailer for the droid, there were no words, only the star wars theme music in the background, I believe that this method of advertisement also added to the quality of the product making it more mysterious and desirable.

The only improvement I would suggest on this wonderful design would be to make it larger, almost human size so that it better depicts the droid in the film. I would definitely be interested in being a part of this design team as this design not only seems fun but also incredibly futuristic.

The trailer for the draoid and the Sphero website can be found here.