These Drones Are Like Floating Lego Bricks” by author Chelsea Scherer.

These Drones Are Like Floating Legos

Bit drones is a 3-D modelling tool that uses Nano quad-copters as self-levitating, tangible building blocks. There are three types of BitDrones:  PixelDrones come with an LED light for different color capabilities, while ShapeDrones are mesh building block drones. DisplayDrones are basically flying smartphones, with flexible high resolution video cameras and Android smartphone boards. The post also provides a video that demonstrates the drones in action. The user is able to use these drones to represent a 3-D structure, he is able to minimize, expand, rotate, change colors and more all through the use of these three drones.

Although the project is still in its early stages, the applications are limitless. By creating more and smaller versions of this technology, you would be able to easily manipulate and shape whole structures with just your hands in midair. I found this post particularly interesting because it reminded me of a technology seen in the movie Big HERO 6. In this movie, the protagonist also created mini bots/drones that were able to combine and form into any shape the user desired. Although our current technology isn’t at that stage, the ability to create such a mechanism is not as far as it once was.

This technology has several implications to HCC, not only does it allow the user to integrate with technology in the physical world to mold and shape their thoughts but the video also showed it being used collaboratively and thereby furthering human communications.