Disney has done its research and has come up with a drawing book that comes to life through augmented reality. This A link to it can be found here.


The Zurich based design team grew bored with the traditional drawing books which were losing popularity when compared to the myriad of gadgets that children now have available but they did not want to give up on their art just yet. Coloring books are one of the earliest creative sources that children encounter and the team didn’t want to get rid of it, so they built upon it. By merging the coloring books and augmented reality (AR technology, they have devised a way to still encourage creative thinking while still making it interesting and appealing. As the child colors the drawing, the app on the smartphone uses the camera to scan the object and create a 3-D animated model of the same character matching the same colors it was drawn with.

This technology is an amazing example of human centered computing. Its entire focus is the user and how to improve their experience. I think it is a great direction in which technology is going and I believe AR will be of great use in many of our day to day activities in the near future, we saw the huge boom in Pokémon GO. We have yet to hear the last of it