Ferrari Can't Stop Making Ugly Cars

Ferrari Can’t Stop Making Ugly Cars” by Tavarish. This article (more accurately rant) speaks to the lack of effort put forward by Ferrari to make their cars visually appealing. The author speaks about Enzo Ferrari’s raison d’etre as wheel-to-wheel automobile racing and had no intention or consideration towards his customers. The author vividly describes customers as “cattle being necessarily sent to the slaughter, providing him with enough of a kickback to fund his racing habit for another season.”

The writer makes valid points in respect to the design of the car and the lack of visually pleasing elements. In his definition of a cars beauty, it means that the car has no bad angles (or does well at hiding them), follows the golden ratio as much as possible and refrain from making any part look like an afterthought. All of these flaws can be seen in the car he presented which helped to validate his position. There were a few Ferraris though that followed his design of beauty and thereby passed his “beauty test” but unfortunately, many of the cars failed.

This article demonstrates the visceral, behavioral and reflective designs. Although the Ferrari isn’t viscerally attractive, individuals are still drawn to it because of its behavioral (it works well as a car) and its reflective (it’s fast and will attract attention) properties.