With my experience in 3D design, I eventually took a look into the design space and the artworks within it. In this article, I took a look at NASA’s winner of their 3D-printed design habitat from an article which can be found here.

Mars Ice House

The first place prize of NASA’s competition went to Team Space Exploration Architecture and Clouds Architecture Office for their “Mars Ice House” design. The picture above shows the incredible design they developed. It is a smooth pyramid like structure which can will be built out of Martian ice and can act as a radiation shield. Not only is the exterior sleek and beautiful but the interior glows with diurnally determined hues at various times of the Martian day. The article continues to show the other runner up winners but I was most impressed with the first pace winner.

I thought this was an amazing design because it shows one of the several uses of 3D design and the impact that it can have on the far reaching future.