Best Design Award Goes to the Bikini Type Swimsuit that Cleans Ocean” by William Acosta.

The article speaks about a new type of material which when applied to swimsuits, will be able to clean water as the wearer swims. The material used is called Sponge and is derived from heated sucrose. It chemical and structural consistency allows it to repel water while absorbing harmful contaminants. The materials properties also make it a good candidate for paint applied to airplanes, satellites or as part of electromagnetic shields.

This is a remarkable design, not only are they able to create swimsuits for the users but the material itself is very cost effective to produce and will also be helping to clean the water which will ensure that their business continues. This is an example of human centered design because the creators not only appeal to the visceral property of the swimsuit but the reflective. By having this swimsuit, the wearer is aware of the impact they are making on cleaning the water each time they wear it.