Amazon Shows Off New Prime Air Drone With Hybrid Design” written by Drew Olanoff.

The article consists of several pictures and videos speaking about Amazon’s new prime air drone. The video, moderated by ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, talks about the design and your experience as a recipient.

Amazon has now moved to a hybrid design. It looks much bigger than in previous renderings. The new Prime Air drone isn’t just a quadcopter anymore. It still takes off and lands vertically, but then it switches to a regular horizontal flight mode, which is far more efficient. It’s basically part helicopter, part airplane. With this new design, the drone can cover over 15 miles and fly over 55 mph, Amazon says. In the video, Clarkson says Amazon is working on a family of drones for different environments and purposes.

Amazon is a company which is known for its ability to track its user’s data and deliver their needs. This drone is no exception. There is a lot of human centered computing which went into the design and creation of this drone. Not only is amazon providing quick and easy service to their customers but they are doing it in a cool futuristic way. By finding or recognizing a need of the user, the can fill a gap that the user probably didn’t even know they had.