The craziest cars from the Tokyo Motor Show” by Rory Buckeridge

We all know that Tokyo doesn’t always follow the usual trends when it comes to design. This was shown once again at their motor show this year.  The concept for the show was “non-concept” and they did not disappoint, the show consisted of several whacky car concepts which ranged from sci-fi clown car to batmobiles.

One of my favorite designs was the “Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Tokyo”. This design got its inspiration from the apple mouse and was bound by no design constraints. “Access to this autonomous Merc is via one, huge gullwing door that opens onto a five-person wraparound sofa, offering entertainment in the form of hologram apps and puzzles which spring from a floor-mounted lens. The front grille, meanwhile, displays whatever music you’re playing in wave form, like an iTunes visualizer.”

mouse car

Although these designs broke several of the design models by adding unnecessary constraints and bad affordances, there is still a visceral and reflective appeal to these vehicles. The behavioral pull may not be strong since they may not be the most effective vehicles but their unique design makes them unforgettable and desirable even if only to a select few. Below are a few other cars that were shown in the show.

car 2 car 5 car 6 car3 car4car5