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Letterform V0


The sans serif scripts have a more relaxed feel when compared to the serif scripts which are more pointed and strict. The sans serif scripts were comic sans, future, gill sans and Helvetica. In these fonts, you can visibly see the sharp edges whereas with the sans fonts (Times new Roman, Garamond), there are extensions at the end which prevent them from being “as sharp”. The odd man out in the sans serif was the comic cans which did not have any sharp edges but it also lacked the thinning edges which is seen in the sans scripts.

Letterform V1:

staticActiverandom   grouping


In creating the selected concepts using only letters, I quickly realized how difficult this assignment was. Whereas we could use multiple keys in our previous assignment which allowed us to create larger and more defined concepts, we were now limited to three characters which could only be used once. After much deliberation I decided to go with the concepts random vs grouping and active vs static. I believe that I could clearly depict these concepts while adhering to the limitations. I decided to use the comic sans font because it is the most relaxed and seemingly versatile of the provided fonts.

Letterform V1 with critiques:


20150918_101400               20150918_101212

20150918_101243               20150918_101321

Letterform V2:

staticActive grouping random

Reflection 2:

The letterform assignment focused on the use of different typefaces and fonts to help achieve certain concepts. This was a challenging endeavor since there were a lot of constraints on the use of these letters. This provided a greater appreciation for typefaces and fonts as we can visibly see the effect that they have on different designs.

Using the critiques that I received, I changed each design to better depict the concept. For static, I switched the typeface and font, I also made better use of the whitespace which I overlooked in my previous design. For Random, I also took the liberty of rearranging the box in which the letters were placed, I received this idea during class.

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