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This is a reflection on “color theory” from “Graphic Design the new basics” by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips which can be found here.

This chapter introduces us to color and wide range of uses it possess. From warning signs to camouflage, we see its many uses and learn how incorporate it in our designs. The authors description of color almost makes it seem alive. The meaning and feel of color changes not only with location and surrounding but also with time, this chapter helps to show and build upon the relationship of color regardless of where or when we interact with them.

From the text we learn of the origins of the color wheel from Sir Isaac Newton and get an understanding of how different colors around the wheel communicate or affect each other. The book continues to tell us how hue, intensity and value all affect the look and feel of a color. Although we mainly know about the 7 colors of the rainbow, there are almost limitless different hues, shades and combinations that can be derived from them. This book provides an in depth look into colors and how we should communicate with them. In graphic design or Human Centered Computing, knowing and understanding how and when to use certain colors to bring out your desired image is key to being a good designer.

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