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The following is a review of the article “They’re not fonts! “By Allan Haley October 21, 2002 which can be viewed here.

In the article, the writer shows their anger towards individuals who incorrectly use the term fonts when they actually mean typeface. A font is not the same as a typeface and Allan Haley believes that any respectable typographers or graphic designer should speak with accuracy when referring to their tools.

In today’s modern era, there are many ways in which to create typefaces such as using Fontographer or Font Lab although some still choose to design by hand and then scan them into a design application. Allan Haley then speaks in great detail about John Baskerville and how the Baskerville typeface was created. Although typefaces are indeed different from fonts, it is not hard to see where the miscommunication takes place, since in many of our modern day tools (Microsoft word included) typefaces are called fonts (or Theme fonts). So it is understandable to see why any regular layman could easily misuse or misrepresent the meaning of typeface or font. This excuse is not extended to those in the graphic design world since we should be aware of the syntax and tools that we use.

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